First author

The Gig Economy in Times of COVID-19: Designing for Gig Workers’ Needs

Juan Carlos Alvarez de la Vega, Marta E. Cecchinato, John Rooksby

2020 | Microsoft Research – New Future of Work Virtual Symposium | PDF

Making the Gig Economy Work for Workers: An Exploration of Freelancing Platforms

Juan Carlos Alvarez de la Vega

2020 | BCS HCI Doctoral Consortium | PDF

Contributing autor

TalkFutures: Supporting Qualitative Practices in Distributed Community Engagements

Jay Rainey, Juan Carlos Alvarez de la Vega, Dan Richardson, Daniel Lambton-Howard, Sara Armouch, Tom Bartindale, Shaun Hazeldine, Pamela Briggs, Patrick Olivier, Kyle Montague

2020 | Designing Interactive Systems | DOI | PDF

WhatFutures: Designing Large-Scale Engagements on WhatsApp

Daniel Lambton-Howard, Robert Anderson, Kyle Montague, Andrew Garbett, Shaun Hazeldine, Juan Carlos Alvarez de la Vega, John A. Sweeney, Patrick Olivier, Ahmed Kharrufa

2019 | CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems | DOI | PDF

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