Hi, I’m Carlos, a UX researcher, design strategist, and visual storyteller.

I deliver outstanding user-centered research to enhance digital products and services. I plan and execute research projects, applying various methods, synthesizing insights, and providing actionable recommendations. I feel comfortable leading efforts at different stages of the product development cycle, whether it is discovering user needs, testing prototypes, or evaluating solutions. I embrace a growth mindset, balance rigor with experimentation, and thrive in a highly collaborative environment.

I’ve transitioned from academic research in human-computer interaction (HCI) to UX research. I’m proficient in various foundational methods to understand people’s experiences with technology products and systems. This research expertise allows me to see past obvious issues and deliver outstanding results. In addition, I am an excellent communicator, always striving to articulate problems and present actionable insights that speak directly to stakeholders’ needs.

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Career highlights:

I hold a Ph.D. in human-computer interaction. During my time at Northumbria University, I’ve published world-leading research studies on the future of work, receiving various awards and international recognition. Check out my list of publications.

I worked at Microsoft Research in 2021, exploring design opportunities to improve human-AI sensemaking interactions.

I co-designed the first humanitarian futures exhibition, an interactive intervention that re-imagined operations at the intersection of emerging technologies, services, and humanitarian needs.

Freelance Grow – Designing Worker-Centered UX Concepts

This project explores design opportunities to improve freelancers’ experiences working online.

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TalkFutures – A Mobile App for Participatory Qualitative Research

This app provided alternative modes of participation for volunteers worldwide. It reduced barriers to engaging with organizational decision-making.

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Designing the first humanitarian futures exhibition.

The Future Is Now is an exhibition that comprises multiple artifacts and scenarios that speculate on what humanitarian operations could look like in 2030.

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