Carlos Alvarez

I am postgraduate researcher, designer, and communicator. I am part of NorSC, at Northumbria University, one of the leading human-computer interaction communities. I research wellbeing in the context of emerging types of work. I am passionate about co-designing ethical technologies.

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Research Interests

  • Human-computer interaction
  • Digital wellbeing
  • Participatory design
  • Gig economy
  • Flexible work
  • Freelancing platforms


WhatFutures: Designing Large-Scale Engagements on WhatsApp. In CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems Proceedings (CHI 2019)

The Future Red Cross and Red Crescent. In collaboration with the IFRC innovation and futures team


What I Learned from Humanitarian Innovation

After working as an innovation designer for the largest humanitarian network, I narrate my experiences and learnings.

Why I deleted my dating apps before 25?

A personal reflection on a journey of self-discovery and millennial young adulthood.

Zero Hour Contracts: The 21st Century Slavery?

This blog is a reflection on the movie ‘Sorry We Missed You‘ by Ken Loach.


Asteria – A 2D Game Design

During the Global Game Jam 2020, I worked with a multidisciplinary team of developers, designers and storytellers to craft a 2D game about Greek mythology.

Engaging  Volunteers Globally in Re-Imagining Humanitarian Futures

WhatFutures was an online game conducted entirely through WhatsApp. This game engaged volunteers around the world in creating a vision for 2030.