Hi, I’m Carlos. A UX researcher, designer, and visual storyteller.

 I’m currently completing a P.h.D. in human-computer interaction (HCI) at Northumbria University (submission date September 2022). I research the changing landscape of work through digital labor platforms, such as Upwork, and design approaches to support freelancers’ work practices.

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Some recent highlights:

I’ll present a research paper at the CHIWork Symposium’22 on June 8-9. The paper explores the use of design fiction to envision worker-centered technologies. Check out our design fiction. Download the paper pre-print.

On May 9th, 2022, I spoke at the Pint of Science, UK, under the theme of “Work in the Digital Age.” Watch my talk on Youtube.

In October 2021, I supported the organization of the Digital Worker Inquiry. This event featured worker-led data projects in the Gig Economy. Check out the project gallery.

Designing the first humanitarian futures exhibition.

The Future Is Now is an exhibition that comprises multiple artifacts and scenarios that speculate on what humanitarian operations could look like in 2030.

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“Why lose control?”: A Study of Freelancers’ Experiences with Gig Economy Platforms

In this paper, we qualitatively analyzed 528 posts with 7499 comments from four freelancing subforums on Reddit to explore how freelancers perceive online freelancing platforms.

Designing for Gig Economy Workers in Times of Crisis

This position paper brings attention to the issues that gig economy workers experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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