Video Gallery

Research Dissemination

This video presents research findings from a qualitative study that provides exciting avenues to support online freelancers. Visit the project page.
I worked with Gavin Wood to create a visual story around “Streetimals.” Streetimals are pocket-size digital play objects. Visit the project site.
This video presents the qualitative findings from one of my research studies. It embodies how freelancers experience working in online labor markets. Read the study here.
This video presents insights from a position paper on how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected gig economy workers. Read the position paper.

Humanitarian Futures

During my time working at the IFRC’s Solferino Academy, I produced this video to engage members in thinking about the future of the organization.
Teaser trailer for an online collaborative game played entirely on WhatsApp. Learn more about the project done in partnership with the IFRC’s Solferino Academy and OpenLab.

Public Speaking

I spoke at Pint of Science, UK, about workers’ expriences with algorithmic systems at work.

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